No peroxide used

No sensitivity

Cheaper than other treatments

1/3 of the time taken

No lasers or UV lights

A real spa treatment

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Business Opportunities

We have amazing opportunities for Salon, Spa, Fitness Clubs and Clinic owners/Managers to increase their profit margins. There is no investment in equipment, stock or training. We can add thousands per month to your bottom line with no set up fee to you or your company. With the added benefit of your business offering something new for your clients to experience.

Why Teeth Whitening and why Bright Whites Ltd?:

Teeth Whitening is a £2 billion industry in the UK today. Everyone wants to experience the brighter, whiter smile at the best possible price. Now you can offer a brighter smile in the comfort of your spa/salon. Without the risk of sensitivity or damage to the teeth enamel. Our system contains no hydrogen Peroxide and clients can see an improvement….up to 10 shades whiter in an hour for only £199.

Business Sense

By offering Bright Whites Ltd, teeth whitening services, you as a salon owner can benefit from a profit share option from every treatment conducted with no outlay to yourself.

We will assist with -

  • Business PR and Marketing
  • Point of sale material to assist with gaining reservations
  • Sales and Promotions training for all staff
  • After sales support and help line


This is a very cost effective way for salons to offer a new concept, make more money! We are open to all business opportunities with no regional restrictions.

To experience a free trial and meeting please contact-
By email - or by calling 07807225732

The Bright Whites approach emulates a comfortable spa environment

I sat back, closed my eyes, listened to music and viola! 45 minutes and no stress later, my teeth were whiter and brighter.

I was very impressed with the GTW treatment. It was fast, pain free, and produced fantastic results.