No peroxide used

No sensitivity

Cheaper than other treatments

1/3 of the time taken

No lasers or UV lights

A real spa treatment

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Welcome to Bright Whites

An exciting tooth whitening treatment is now available that will give you visibly whiter teeth in just 45 minutes!

Gentle TouchTM Whitening is the safest, fastest, affordable, tooth sensitivity FREE, professional, cosmetic treatment available today!!! We do not use Hydrogen Peroxide or burning lights so there is NO pain or tooth sensitivity associated with our treatment.

Treatment Cost: £259


This is the same professional treatment that can be found in such exclusive world class spas as the Bellagio, Canyon Ranch, Shangri-la, Marriot, Hilton Hotels and many more worldwide. This same service is now being brought directly to you in the comfort of your office.

The Bright Whites approach emulates a comfortable spa environment

I sat back, closed my eyes, listened to music and viola! 45 minutes and no stress later, my teeth were whiter and brighter.

I was very impressed with the GTW treatment. It was fast, pain free, and produced fantastic results.